Announcing summit on Open Source Governance

We're happy to announce that in 2018 together with Isabel Drost-Fromm (Open Source Strategist at Europace AG, Member and former Director of the Apache Software Foundation, founder and PMC member of Apache Mahout) and Stefan Rudnitzki (Lead Developer at Europace AG, co-organizer of MongoDB usergroup Berlin and Async Cat Herding meetup Berlin) we'll be organizing a conference about governance, collaboration and community within the open source space. It will be covering the broad spectrum of community management, vendor neutrality and leading projects without discretionary power. Relevant conference topics include open source project leadership best practices, community management, open source project metrics, open source strategy for the enterprise, adopting open source collaboration in corporations, legal matters when dealing with open source.

The conference offers two days of talks and workshops and will take place in the same week and location as Berlin Buzzwords 2018. In autumn Europace will host a kickoff meetup at their offices in Berlin. Stay tuned for more information.

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Photo credit: cc-by-sa 3.0 Gregor Fischer/Berlin Buzzwords