Ivan Budincevic

My name is Ivan Budinčević and I am currently working as a Java developer at bol.com. The session that I would like to give at Berlin Buzzwords 2017 is about the project that my team is working on: Measurement 2.0. It concerns building an in-house framework which will be able to measure all activity of users of our website in real time, using open source big data technologies like Apache Kafka, Flink, as well as in-house projects like Runway. 

The main source of my speaking experience actually comes from a perhaps unconvetional area, namely nuclear physics. Before moving to IT I've completed a PhD in nuclear physics, during which I have had the opportunity to speak many times at conferences, workshops, collaboration meetings and the like, where I found that I can have a lot of fun presenting my work to others. My love for coding and fixing software issues has brought me to IT, while my fascination with patterns in data guided me towards big data technologies.